Rekindle the Sparks with a Regular Date Night

Rekindle the Sparks with a Regular Date Night-Michael Webb’s

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Whether it’s once a month or once a week you and your spouse can’t go wrong with a regular date night. Actually, it is one to the best things you can do for your marriage.

Rekindle the Sparks with a Regular Date Night
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How to Rekindle the Sparks with a Regular Date Night

As parents, we tend to be very focused on our children and tend to forget how important it is to also focus in on our significant other. With family lifestyles as busy as they are, a regular date night is a must for couples who want to maintain a healthy marriage.Experts say that penciling in regular one-on-one time helps parents of young children keep those martial sparks alive. After working, maintaining a household and nurturing our children we all need a break. Making note of regular date nights on the family calendar gives us a ‘time out’ together we can count on. It’s a time to let your hair down and re-ignite the sparks of interest that brought you together. Or if the flame is still as steady as ever, it’s a way to make sure it keeps flickering.

Now, regular date nights need not be expensive or even very elaborate but they do need to give you an hour or so alone WITHOUT the kids.

Following are some great date night ideas inspired by Michael Webb’s book 300 Creative Dates:

#1 Send your partner a multiple choice date invitation. We encourage you to be creative and come up with your own but here’s an example to get you started.

Would you like to go out to dinner with me on…

  1. Friday
  2. Saturday


  • The Keg
  • Swiss Chalet
  • Roland’s

Followed by>>

  • A stroll along the boardwalk
  • A folk concert
  • Dancing at a local club
  • A DVD movie home (since the sitter will have already put the kids to bed.)

#2 Playing a game with your mate can be a fun and relaxing way to spend an evening. That is once the kids have been tucked in. Consider turning a serious game like chess into one of a more fun and “rewarding nature”. To accomplish this all you have to do is create and place small tags on the bottom of the chess pieces. The tags then become the “rewards” for capturing that particular piece.

For instance, if your mate captures your Rook, and turns it over he may find he is rewarded with a five-minute massage. When you take his Queen, maybe he will reward you with a night off from doing the dishes.

Place the tags randomly under the pieces so your mate has just as much luck when capturing a Pawn as he has does when he takes a Bishop.

If you find writing on the small tags too difficult just assign each a number and make a list of “rewards” according to numbers and read them off when captured.

#3 Here’s a great date idea if your partner travels a lot.

If you can’t have a movie date in person, have one long distance. On a particular date and time rent the same DVD movie. Make it a romantic pick and plan to watch it at exactly the same time. If you and your mate are usually talkative during movies you may wish to also be on the phone together and comment as the movie plays. Otherwise, touch base the moment the movie is over and say your goodnights. It may not be a good night kiss but it sure is a great way to connect despite the distance

For a unique dating, ideas read Oprah expert Michael Webb’s 300 Creative Dates which includes 297 more cost effective dates between $5 and $20.

What better person to learn some unique date ideas than from “The World’s Most Romantic Guy,” and a man who understands that true love and romantic gestures are more meaningful when they come from the heart. Gifts with a high price tag are nice but they don’t necessarily keep you warm at night (unless it’s a heated throw or a new fireplace).

Our idea of staying warm is cuddling up next to our hubbies, enjoying a glass of wine and spending some quality time together – watching a movie, reading to each other, or simply catching up on the events of the day.

Michael also includes dates specifically for birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, and holiday celebrations. And, even though our hubbies have been known to display their romantic side more often on special occasions than with day-to-day stuff, you’ve got to know we will be making sure our guys will casually find Michael’s ideas on the computer screen days before our next birthday or mysteriously printed out prior to our next anniversary in the secret hopes of offering a little inspiration.

Aside from the cost effective ideas, one can gain from Michael’s book is the cool benefit that most of his suggestions can be pulled off with a little planning. Perfect – our lives are so hectic these days that anything that is too complicated just gets swept under the rug for a rainy day. But with a little creative ‘date’ inspiration from Michael – our husband’s are going to be in for at least 300 great ‘surprise’ date experiences.

To learn more about Michael’s book visit: 300 Creative Dates – The World’s Most Romantic, Unique and Fun Dating Ideas”

For a limited time, Michael is offering his bestseller, The Romantic’s Guide as a bonus. The 224-page book has been praised in over 250 magazines and newspapers for its “ingenious and creative tips on romance” and makes a wonderful companion to his 300 Creative Dates book and his money back guarantee.

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