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Newest Baby Care Advice a Guide for New Mom!

About newest baby care tips for new moms! We show you simple ways to make your newest baby care advice. below to find valuable information weeks 28-31 week.

Newest Baby Care Advice
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28 Weeks and Counting .. Daily Excercise

It’s not my favorite thing but I am managing a 1-hour walk every day (including hills and stairs). I plan on delivering naturally (again) so I’ll need some strong legs to get me there. It would be great if I did some light yoga every day along with some lunges and squats but, realistically, ain’t gonna happen. So, my dog and I are benefitting from a sometimes grueling walk through Central Park every day. Some days it’s pleasant (those clean public toilets are a joy) and other days it’s surprisingly difficult so I take it slow and breathe deep and promise myself that one day I will again have a spring in my step.

Indigestion has subsided a bit so that I feel confident eating fresh tomatoes, croissants, and slightly larger meals. This also means that I sleep better at night! my new favorite breakfast is oats, peanut butter, and raisins, which, I guess, is a lot healthier than the slice of chocolate cake I’d rather have!

Next week –

  • I think we hit the 7-month mark but are already squarely in the third trimester so time to start re-reading those labor books!

Week 29 – Are We There Yet?

No, we are not there yet. But the baby is almost strong enough to breathe on her own if calamity strikes and she decides to pop out early. I will be relieved when we get to 30 weeks knowing that it’s when babies can do pretty well on the outside.  Good news! We agreed on baby’s full name but friends and family will have to wait until she’s born before we reveal it. One thing that helped in the naming negotiation was agreeing on two middle names; that way, no one goes left out.

Baby seems to be doing well, she gets the hiccups a lot and likes to motor about around midnight. The midwives say she’s growing well and her heart sounds amazing to me. The midwives decided to do a blood test on me for anemia since I’ve been so tired and out of breath, which, while normal for pregnancy might be a little pronounced for me since I experienced neither during my previous pregnancy.

  • The acid-reflux is still a nightmare during sleeping hours. At 3:00 a.m. I often wake up and prop up; I get a bunch of pillows, sit up and sleep for an hour or so in that position and that usually does the trick, allowing me to return to a full recline by the early morning. My full recline is limited however since I can no longer sleep on my back, nor my front and my right side are out most of the time because it allows the stomach contents to spill into the esophagus. Ugh. So, I’m on my left hip a lot and it’s starting to smart. Lots of pillows. Strategically placed.

My daughter will be seven soon and she is getting more and more inquisitive and involved in the arrival of her little sister. The hospital where I will deliver provides a class/tour for older siblings so she’s signed up for that and I think she’ll enjoy it – plus she’ll see the room in which she was born!

Newest Baby Care Advice
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Week 30 – Entering the Home Stretch

Yes, still 10 weeks to go but they move fast when you look at your list of tasks not yet completed. Baby station (we are in Manhattan, the baby doesn’t get her own room…) is completely unplanned. I think we may invest in a bar cart and cover the top for use as a changing table – then, in two years when we no longer need it, cocktails! I know we just need to decide what we’re doing and executing will be easy, but dedicating the time to something that is still slightly abstract is something else. I know I don’t need a crib and changing table and wipe warmer and all the other stuff that people will try to sell me, but I do need a level space at an appropriate height within arms reach of clothes, diapers, and cleaning supplies. That could be a dresser (don’t have one), a small table (no storage), or a unit built into a corner of our bedroom (permanent!). I think we’ll go with the bar cart because I like the idea of multi-use and it’ll be a good story for her when she’s older.

  • One thing that will help with preparation is a baby shower. Thankfully, my good friend Kristin offered to do the honors so we’re having a co-ed cocktail party (there’s that theme again) to celebrate the baby. Now, all we have to do is set up the registries!

Tips and Tools · Ask The – From the American Academy of Pediatrics

The midwives called and said that I am slightly anemic – this is good news and bad. The bad part is I have to take Floradix twice a day (yuck, but manageable) and the good news is after ten days on Floradix maybe I’ll start feeling less tired! They will do another CBC at my next visit and we’ll see if the Floradix is working. So far I feel better, but that may be the placebo effect, which is fine with me. We’ll find out in three weeks for sure.

Week 31 – Let Me Eat Cake

Can I have brownies made with whole wheat flour? Is that healthy? Brownies have eggs, right? Okay, I’ll have oats and raisins instead but once I deliver this baby I am going straight to Whole Foods and getting a tub of brownies. And a pitcher of rum and Coke.

  • Sleeping is still uncomfortable but some nights are better than others.

I feel so huge, I can’t believe I have two months to go! The second baby causes expansion much earlier than the first. Maybe she’ll come out two weeks early and help her mom out? I am now noticing the Braxton Hicks contractions so I guess that’s a possibility. The Braxton Hicks contractions are dull but definitely unmistakable for what they are. And there’s something reassuring and familiar about them, even when slightly uncomfortable. They remind me that natural childbirth is difficult, but that at no point did I feel like I was given more than I could handle at any moment. Child care from Wikipedia

Next week we take our mandatory Birth Center class and then we’ll meet with a Dr. and hopefully get cleared to use the birth center (I am over the age limit…). Click here Cost of Raising Children

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