Edible Cupcake Toppers

How to Make Edible Cupcake Toppers

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When you already have beautifully designed cupcakes, making edible cupcake toppers is always a great idea to consider. Cupcake toppers do add a stroke of the elegance of cakes while at the same time giving them a personalized feel. Amazingly, you can make edible cupcake toppers from the confines of your home as long as you have an inkjet printer with you. These toppers can be personalized using one’s own pictures, images of movie or TV characters or anything that comes to your mind.

How to Make Edible Cupcake Toppers
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We recommend buying cake toppers that are within your budget as this is very important. Uniqueness is also an important aspect to consider when buying the toppers. You definitely would want a design that is outside the box and not all too familiar. As such, always look for something unique.

What makes edible cupcake toppers the best?

There are many reasons as to why edible cake or cupcake toppers are the best. Some of these reasons include the following: –

Edible Cupcake Toppers
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Start here how to make edible cupcake toppers to easy

  • Edible cup and saucer
  • Teacup Cake
  • Gum Paste
  • Edible glue
  • Icing or Chocolate
  • Cornstarch to dust surface
  • Edible gold paint any color like you!

One of the greatest advantages associated with edible cupcake toppers is that they are easy to make and use. You can use these toppers to transform your cakes instantly and have them look like a real masterpiece. All you need to do is cover your yummy cupcakes with frosting and then put the unique toppers on top.

Made of hard, edible sugar

Additionally, these toppers are made using hard sugar which makes it easy for them to be eaten. Edible cupcake toppers can be made in many different colors which make it easy for you to add a new element of your cake decoration.

It’s easy to customize edible cupcake toppers

Edible Cupcake Toppers
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Cupcake toppers are easy to customize and therefore you can transform your cakes with various images including your own pictures or your favorite cartoon or movie characters. Cookie decoration Wikipedia

When choosing the best edible cupcake toppers

When choosing the best toppers for your cakes, it is always important to consider your occasion and the number of people you are likely to feed. This will help you choose the right themed cupcake toppers which will suit the occasion you are planning for. Secondly, it will be good to consider the medium you will use since there are many mediums available. You can choose to use fondant, flexible, sugary dough which allows you to form different figures and shapes in 2 and 3-dimensional designs. You can also opt for gum paste which is almost the same with fondant only that it dries much harder thus making it the best. Modeling chocolate is also an option you can choose especially considering that it’s more malleable than both gum paste and fondant.

What we recommend as the best edible cupcake toppers

Although you can make your own cupcake toppers, investing in a printer can be an expensive venture which might not be worth unless you are a commercial baker. As such, it would be good to purchase from a professional as this will guarantee you the right recipes, something that a novice may not be able to offer. In addition, the toppers you choose should be striking to capture the attention of those who come across them. This will mean picking edible cupcake toppers that are theme specific. If you are dealing with kids, picking toppers that will resonate with their age will be amazing. The beauty with edible toppers for cupcakes is that they can easily be customized to capture your imagination.

We recommend buying cake toppers that are within your budget as this is very important. Uniqueness is also an important aspect to consider when buying the toppers. You definitely would want a design that is outside the box and not all too familiar. As such, always look for something unique.

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How to Make Edible Cupcake Toppers

As we have mentioned earlier, the number of guests, as well as the occasion, is very important while making your edible cupcake toppers. Being a craft, it requires quite a few minutes to hours to complete the process based on the number of toppers you intend to make. So, many people out there prefer buying an already made cupcake toppers that suit their occasion.

If you have enough time and tools that you will need to give a creative shape the toppers, you can surely make your own cupcake toppers. Besides, it will expose your creative faculties to the guests as well. Moreover, making cupcake toppers is something that one might feel tempted to give it a try and make one’s own.

Edible Cake Toppers for Birthday

Why Should You Make Your Own Edible Cake Topper?

If you are a mom and it is your child’s birthday or something like that- making an edible cake topper will make your child feel special other than buying a ready-made one. Again, you will get a chance to décor the toppers with the cartoon characters you kid loves. You can also design a cake topper with Alphabets if your kid likes so.

How to Make Edible Cupcake Toppers
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Which Is Better Cupcake Toppers?

If you want me to be precise, it actually depends! If you are confident and have much time to spend on designing and constructing the toppers, you can surely go for it. On the other hand, if you want to keep yourself on the safe side, you can go for the readymade cupcake toppers. You will not have to bother about how it will look, what the guests will remark etc. One thing is obvious; you will not mess up with things when buying a readymade one.

If you consider the time as well as the money you will be spending, we guess, buying cupcake toppers will be a decent choice. We also appreciate your idea of making custom cupcake toppers as well

How to Make Edible Cupcake Toppers Introduction

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, edible cupcake toppers are amazing as you can customize them to suit your plans and design. You can also choose edible cake toppers your favorite color to bring out the best mood out of your occasion.

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