How to Connect With Your Spouse

How to Connect With Your Spouse Sweetie

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With life as busy as it is, it makes perfect sense that sometimes we feel disconnected from our life partners. Yet, at the same time, most of us crave the intimacy of our early relationship – a time when we couldn’t stop talking about our dreams and were dying to find out how to connect with your spouse about each other.

How to Connect With Your Spouse

How to Connect With Your Spouse Successfully

For many of us, the priority we once placed on each other has taken a back seat to family life. The romantic candlelight dinners and intimate conversation of late are now family dinners at the kitchen table, spaghetti on the walls and child-focused discussions. Chances most nights you can’t even get a word in edgewise.

All it takes is a little nurturing and you can get that intimacy back or better still, create the kind of connection that only comes from really understanding someone.

Connecting with Your Spouse

True intimacy comes from communication and from a host of daily gestures that express your love and affection for your mate. Experts will tell you true connection comes when we take the time to look deep into each other’s eyes and share our innermost thoughts.

Okay, but with demanding work schedules, chauffeuring around our active kids and handling our household responsibilities who has the time?

Crystal and I are here to tell you it may be as easy as it is said. That is when you approach things with an open mind and are willing to put in a little effort on a daily basis.

It all starts with taking the time to each other – and making it a priority. It takes only a few minutes a day to build and maintain an intimate connection with your significant other.

Here are some of our favorite ways to connect with our spouses.

Enjoy Your Morning Coffee Together

Start each day by enjoying a cup of coffee together. Okay, one of you prefers tea. No problem. Put on both the tea kettle and the coffee pot. (Remember opposites do attract.) Make it a point of getting up earlier than the rest of the household to really have some quality time together.

True intimacy comes from being completely open and vulnerable to your spouse but it also comes from and is enhanced by a host of little things like conversing at the dinner table, giving a compliment or turning a quick peck on the cheek into a long and passionate kiss as you head out the door.

How Was Your Day?

A simple question like “How was your day?” signals to your significant other that you are interested in what is happening in his or her world outside of your relationship. One of the many perks of a committed relationship is having someone to share in your ups and downs. Being there to listen and empathize when your spouse needs to vent is another way to bond and keep your connection strong.

Take a Spontaneous Walk

Offer to take your neighbor’s kids for a couple of hours if she will reciprocate when you and your partner desire a long stroll together.

To effectively connect with your significant other you also have to understand them. You need to have a good idea what makes him or her tick. One of the best ways, we’ve found to really stay in touch with our husbands and to understand the men they have become, is to maintain a regular dialogue about things that have nothing to do with our kids.

If you don’t have a clue what to talk about, then we’ve got a dynamite solution for you. Oprah expert and best-selling author Michael Webb have an incredible book that works magic when it comes to really getting to know your significant other. His book entitled 1,000 Questions for Couples offers hundreds of fun questions that are vital to an intimate relationship. But, it’s not a typical question book as it goes beyond small talk and asks some quality questions like:

  • “What makes you feel secure and safe?”
  • “What five things have you done in your life that you are most proud of?”
  • “What feeling do you have the most difficulty expressing?”

All of Michael’s questions are aimed at helping you get to know and understand the thoughts, feelings, and desires of your significant other. The process will not only give you insight into the things your partner is passionate about but you’ll also discover how you can give them (and they can give you) increased joy and happiness. It’s also about getting to know your mate inside and out – the good and the bad.

Since the key to intimacy is communicating and nurturing each other on a daily basis, why not visit 1000 Questions For Couples and discover how Michael’s book can help you create a happier, more intimate and passionate relationship?

As a bonus to his 1,000 Question for Couples, Michael offers his 101 Romantic Idea book for free. Coupled with the fact that he has a money-back guarantee and you can also sign up to have for 3-5 of the book’s questions emailed to you daily for 300 days – you can’t go wrong. Just think of the fun you and your mate will have to answer the questions. Now, we can’t think of a better communication tool than that. Visit 1000 Questions For Couples to achieve greater happiness and intimacy today!

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