Save Time In The Kitchen

6 Ways To Save Time In The Kitchen

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Tips and tricks for in the kitchen the right way to I’ve written before about the time it can take to cook saving time in the kitchen needs to be a priority for the person.

6 Ways To Save Time In The Kitchen
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Tips and tricks 6 Ways To Save Time In The Kitchen?

With life as busy as it is who wants to spend more time in the kitchen than they need to? Crystal and I love to cook but we also love to do it efficiently. Here are some of our favorite kitchen shortcuts.

Create A Master Shopping Checklist 

  • Photocopy it, and keep it handy. When each item on your list runs low, simply check it off.

Organize Your Kitchen To Eliminate Unnecessary Steps

Keep food staples in one place. Set up a baking center to store your baking supplies. Keep your everyday utensils together in one area, your baking and non-everyday tools in another.

Save Time In The Kitchen

Freeze Cooked Ground Beef

One of our favorite meal shortcuts is to purchase ground meat in bulk. We then brown, drain and freeze in whole-meal portions. At a moment’s notice, we have cooked ground beef which defrosts quickly in the microwave and is ideal for use in soups, casseroles, and tacos or as a pizza topping. Crystal and I do the same with large blocks of grated cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Cook In Quantity

Take a few extra minutes when preparing the evening meal to double the recipe, and do so as frequently as you can. Freeze and reheat the second batch for those nights when things are hectic. Do the same with baked goods.

Wash All Salad Greens At Once

Wash, dry and store salad greens in air-tight containers. Refrigerated, the greens should keep for several days. Now when you want to throw together a quick salad, just take out an amount of greens you need and toss with dressing. That’s it!

Supply Self-Serve Snacks 

Instead of responding to the constant “Mommy, I’m hungry” requests, keep healthy snacks convenient and self-serve. Store them in the fridge in easy-to-open containers. Cheese and crackers washed and cut-up vegetables and fruit are all great choices (along with handy containers of dipping sauce). Do the same for drinks; keep a selection in reusable drink boxes or install a self-serve water jug with a spout and nearby stack of plastic cups. As a work at home parents, “6 ways to save time in the kitchen” this ‘self-serve’ idea has come in handy more times than we care to mention.

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